Our Story

The brand Shibesu emerged precisely from necessity to make being outdoors practical, charming and, first of all, fun. In order for rainy and windy weather not to be an obstacle to spending time enjoying nature, Shibesu is offering waterproof jackets and parkas that successfully protect you from the rain and wind. I am sure you will agree with me… “There is no such a thing as bad weather, there is only inappropriate clothing”. Whether you spend time in nature alone, with a partner, with children or with a pet… Shibesu offers practical raincoats for everyone!

The idea and the concept of the brand focus on matching jackets and raincoats for adults, children and dogs. Playful and unusual patterns follow a very simple and universal cut on unisex items. All the motifs within the patterns are initially hand-drawn or hand-painted, which gives them a distinctive character and a recognisable style. We want to play… don’t we? So, do not be afraid to match your entire family.

I have a strong wish for Shibesu products to be eternal when it comes to both design and quality. Shibesu does not follow trends, but it places emphasis on timeless and permanent design which brings positive energy every time it is worn.

All Shibesu products are made with special care and attention to details. During production, we respect every living creature, and we take particular care of the environment, not wanting to leave any traces behind. We make use of every piece of fabric, and we use fabrics made of recycled materials, while ecologically acceptable and biodegradable water-based colours are used for print. All products are designed and made in Croatia. Shibesu collections are produced in small quantities and on commission because we believe that, in the long run, a conscious choice and controlled production will be greatly beneficial to our already exhausted home, our planet Earth.

Take good care of Shibesu clothes and you will wear it for years.

It is time for me to introduce myself. My name is Ana Maria Ricov. Since an early age, I have been dreaming of becoming a fashion designer… and I have become one. I graduated in Fashion Design at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb and I have been actively and successfully designing collections under my name ever since. As I am sitting here writing this text, we are at the beginning of 2021. I am certain that none of us was prepared for this film scenario of a pandemic that has literally stopped the world and then turned it upside down. We are witnessing incredible changes that have transformed the concept of our lives abruptly and by force. While everyone is still trying to adjust, the situation is compelling us to stop and to finally reset… for the better. This big lifestyle change has encouraged many people to spend time in nature and to enjoy it, which is why I believe this change will be the one to take people back to their true selves – playful, relaxed and in tune with nature. When the world stopped, my lifestyle did not change significantly. I am by nature a very active type of person and I like spending all of my leisure time outdoors with my companion irish setter Shiba. Forests, mountains, riverbanks and sea shores are our favorite places for playing and daydreaming. I try to nurture a relaxed and meditative approach to life. I do not rush, I soak up life around me, trying to spend as much time as I can in a man’s natural habitat – nature. In the turbulent year behind us, an idea sparked about launching a new brand Shibesu which is entirely and specifically devoted to this lifestyle concept of being relaxed in nature with our loved ones.